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Large scale indicators up to 66mm diameter with excellent visibility for industrial applications.With surface mounting and integral wiring these devices are easy to install taking very little behind panel space and not interfering with the other components in the equipment. Available in flat, domed or Jumbo style they are particularly suited for large equipment or on frames or panels near to the equipment.

There are seven colour options and also bi-colour and tri colour (Jumbo only) versions.The wiring comes in 1m, 3m and 5m lengths with the possibility of M12 connector termination on the Jumbo version.

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LH1D Series

LH1D Series

Surface Mount Indicators

  • Directly mountable on equipment and aluminium frames (jumbo dome types)
  • Surface mount style does not affect the location of other components. Requires only a small space behind the mounting surface
  • Integrated cable wiring ensures waterproof characteristics
  • M12 connector cable (30 cm) available for jumbo dome type
  • Slim design well suited for installation in small spaces
  • Excellent visibility from the front and from the side
  • Legends and symbols can be printed on marking film to customize flat type