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The base frame, made in lightweight aluminium, is the basis for your indiviual NOVASTAR. And now you decide, small or large, in standard depth or with extended space for cabling and heat dissipation, whether as a stand-alone solution or stacked one on top of another and bolted together. The NOVASTAR platform concept leaves no wish neglected.

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With the Schroff brand, nVent offers a wide range of electronics cabinets and other electronic protection products. Instead of restricting the range to a few standard products, Schroff offers bespoke solutions which fulfill the specific requirements of the application.Schroff configurations are easy-to-operate tools which make it possible to configure and modify products quickly and easily: Design Your Standard.The Novastar configurator is a web-based tool with an intuitive graphical user interface and multilingual menus in English, German, and French. These make configuring Novastar cabinets quick and easy.

Start your design now with the Novastar Configurator