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Elma MR50 series, rotary selector for Agricultural applications

Elma MR50 series, rotary selector for Agricultural applications

Foremost Electronics Ltd has provided over 30+ years as a direct importer and specialist distributor of switches, keypads, joysticks, connectors and other electro-mechanical products.

We represent a truly global supplier base of more than 20 manufacturers from around the world, having strong partnerships with market leaders including Elma.

Robust rotary switches are indispensable in the Agricultural vehicle sector where they are subjected to harsh conditions. Product sealing and vibration resistance are some of the considered factors when selecting components.

The Elma MR50 series is an ideal rotary selector for Agricultural applications offering IP68 sealing in a compact rugged design.

The MR50, an extremely small yet robust, multifunctional rotary switch. This switch promises the highest functionality and performance in a minimum of space for portable devices.

Coming in at only a ½” in size, the MR50 enables up to 16 switch positions, switching torques of up to 6 Ncm, and operates in either shorting or non shorting mode.With gold-plated contacts (3 micron gold), the switch offers protection up to IP68 and performs in operating temperature ranges of -45 °C to +85 °C.

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Posted by Michelle White