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Process and Automation solutions from Foremost - enhance safety and productivity

Process and Automation solutions from Foremost - enhance safety and productivity

Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components can supply machine builders and systems integrators with a wide range of electromechanical devices from IDEC to simplify and assure the safety of machines and process automation.

Central to the safe operation of any machine is the ability to stop quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. Foremost can provide a number of on-machine emergency push buttons and controllers.

The SEMI Emergency Off (EMO) switch range feature a direct opening action and safety lock mechanism with some models benefiting from a safe break action and reverse energy structure. The combination of IDEC's EMO switch guards and emergency stop switches are approved by TÜV Rheinland for compliance with SEMI S2 standards.

Two types of Safety Relay Modules are available designed for interruption of safety-related electrical circuits. The HR6S device provides application functions used to monitor signals from different types of sensors and devices. Equipment which may be connected includes emergency stop pushbuttons, guard door switches, coded magnetic switches and two-hand controls. The HR5S safety relay module provides a safety system for low-risk machines, simplifying the design of a category 2 system enabling cost reduction and saving maintenance time.

To accompany the safety relay controllers Foremost can supply the FS1A Safety Controller allowing a safety circuit to be configured easily with no programming. Providing mode selection, partial or entire stop can be achieved just by selecting a ready to go programme. A single SafetyOne module can connect with various safety inputs such as emergency stop switches and light curtains. The status of safety I/Os and the SafetyOne errors can be remotely monitored. The FS1A Safety Controller meets IEC 61508 safety integrity level 3, ISO 13849-1 performance level e, is category 4 compliant and meets IP20.

Indicating the operating status of a machine can be achieved by the use of the innovative LH series of surface mount indicators. Featuring slim and stylish designs which reduce installation space, the range includes pilot lights and buzzers. Able to be directly mounted on machines these devices meet IP67 and have integrated cable wiring.

Providing safe operator control the HE1G Grip Switch range are ergonomically designed handheld OFF-ON-OFF switches with a direct opening action mechanism for shifting from position 2 (ON) to position 3 (OFF) and meet EN 60977-5-1/IEC 60947-5-1, Annex K. To enhance operator safety the switch does not turn ON when being released from position 3 (OFF when pressed) to position 1 (OFF when released). Two contacts are provided so that even if one contact fails due to welding or short-circuit, the other contact can disable machine operation. Emergency stop switch and momentary pushbutton versions are available. The HE1G-21SM has distinctive tactile feedback, light operating force ideal for long-hour operation and is IP66 waterproof.

HS1T Interlock Switches are the smallest size in the industry and feature a solenoid Ideal for use on large doors and large equipment requiring strong locking force. The head can be rotated to allow the actuator entry direction to be changed easily and they are available with 2 or 4 contacts and protected to IP67.

Where laser sensing or scanning may be required Foremost can provide the SE2L Safety Laser Scanner to ensure the safety of operators in a hazardous area, or those approaching a machine, and can be used in a variety of applications such as large systems or long conveyor lines. The stop area is variable and master/slave function is possible for the first time. A maximum of four SE2Ls can be interconnected using RS-485 for master/slave operation.

For additional zonal protection SE4D Safety Light Curtains may be deployed. Simple beam axis adjustment is made easy with a visible incident light. Zero dead space structure provides efficiency, higher safety and greater productivity is ensured with a built-in muting control. An override function enables safe and smooth restart of the line operation during muting. These Type 4 devices meet Category 4 PLe SIL3 and IP65/67.

Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost, comments, “We have providing Emech solutions to the manufacturing industry for many years. Our great relationship with IDEC now means we can provide turnkey component solutions for machine builders and automation engineers.”

For more information on the range of IDEC solutions for machine building available from Foremost please visit call +44 (0)1371 811171 or email

Posted by Michelle White