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Available Soon Elma Announces New Cyber One Multi Rotary Switch
***PRELIMINARY INFORMATION***Cyber One is a versatile, force feed-back encoder with push button function and RGB backlit illumination. The innovative product is ideal for many applications requiring real-time process feed-back.The firmware offers various pre-set “feels”, including 8 to 64 detents, artificial end-stop, spring return, vibration and many more. Cyber One’s electro magnetical..
Elma Release New Multi Wheel Joystick

The Multi Wheel is a miniature encoder with 8+1 joystick function for one-finger control, IP56 sealed.

Typical applications include:

  • Test & measurement for outdoor environments
  • Cockpit (aviation, transport, construction, etc.)
  • Industrial controls
New Robust and Rugged Switch from Elma
Elma Electronic extends its product range with the new MR50, an extremely small yet robust, multifunctional rotary switch. This new switch promises the highest functionality and performance in a minimum of space for portable devices.  Coming in at only a ½” in size, the MR50 enables up to 16 switch positions, switching torques of up to 6 Ncm, and operates either in shorting or interrupt mode...
The first enclosure with a “Flexible Heat Conductor”

The first enclosure compliant with the embeddedNUC ™ standard which features an innovative “Flexible Heat Conductor” (FHC) integrated cooling solution and is compatible with 1U embedded NUC enclosures.

“Flexible Heat Conductor” (FHC);
For PCB top side cooling;
Can expand and contract vertically;
Compensate for tolerances; optimizing surface contact;
Thermal dissipation up to 15W;
Compatible with 1U embedded NUC enclosures;
New website is LIVE!
Welcome to the new 4Most website. We've overhauled the design to bring it inline with our new 4Most branding, and completed a major re-fresh of our product range. The site provides a concise introduction to our wide range of products and manufacturing partners, with clear signposting to detailed information via PDF downloads and further online resources.We have also made sure the site meets the de..
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